Google have introduced 360 degree video support for YouTube on desktop Chrome and Android app. Similar to panning with Google earth, this immersive experience was announced in January this year and has just recently come to life in several videos demonstrating the click and drag feature. Check out the Red Bull F1 Experience below, launched just this week.

YouTube’s The Creators blog lists a range of 360 degree cameras that are compatible with the platform’s new capability. Though there are still a few details to iron out to create a completely seamless feature, this looks to be an exciting new step in online business experientials.

The hugely popular video platform has also just today announced their new YouTube for Artists portal, an educational resource that assists music creators in the development of their tracks, the promotion of their label and even the selling of their merchandise. It will be exciting to watch how this portal develops as a support for a new generation who are accustomed to self promotion in a hyper-connected world. Check out the recently released promotional video below, showcasing self-made artists talking about the value that fans place on authentic behind-the-scenes content.