Because, these days, people can rarely be bothered reading. It’s not that they’re lazy, it’s that they are so incredibly, insufferably time poor! In addition, the world has become increasingly interactive and visual. Often (much to the frustration of our copywriter) words are simply not enough to convert visits into profitable actions.

How can videos benefit your online business?

They give your product context – It can be really difficult to really sell your product through paragraphs of text! Instructional videos give products context and provide more understanding of their benefits. They also give you the chance to associate emotion with your products by using captivating imagery, music and environments. Why do you think we all associate perfume with walking on water while being showered in flower petals?

They create human connection with corporate image – It’s very difficult to develop a connection with a logo or an image. Creating a video that provides insight into your company culture and environment gives visitors liveliness that they can associate with.

They showcase your expertise – Practical videos provide a platform for you to literally show off your capabilities and sell your services to people while they sit at their desk or browse on their phone.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of information you can seamlessly convey through one three minute video. Contact your DSG web designer about video production today. See below for an example of our work. Our client, Diamond Protection, uses these videos to showcase their capabilities in the security, emergency response and training sectors .