These days some believe that our addiction to our phones is leading to the demise of our social society. However, mobile applications are enabling some truly incredible achievements around the world.

The following list of mobile applications are not doing that.

Here are three absolutely ludicrous, weird and whacko apps that you won’t believe somebody actually went to the trouble of making.

Are you in touch with your spiritual side? Do you hear bumps in the night? You may need to download this super creepy/super odd app that apparently tells you what the ghosts around you are saying. The creators claim the Spirit Story Box measures certain fluctuations in your surrounding environment and interprets the spooky message trying to be sent. Best of luck if your house is haunted, but we don’t think we’ll be wasting our data on this one!

We all have that friend. The one that rings to talk your ear off about anything and everything until your beloved ear is ready to drop off and your dinner you just sat down to is stone cold. With Fake-An-Excuse, you’ll never run out of cheeky excuses to end that dragging conversation. Bet you never thought to say “I gotta go, a water pipe just broke!” or “I can’t talk right now, wolves are nearby!”…um, or “I have to go, my phone is ringing!”…OK, maybe it’s not as genius as we initially thought.

This is one I think we can all agree you’d download to try at least once. Channel your inner Ron Burgundy with a supremely groomed moustache. Bro-stache lets you choose your style of upper-lip fuzz. Then, simply hold the phone sideways in front of your mouth and talk, and the Bro-stache mouth will copy everything you say! Don’t tell me a no-grooming-required digital moustache isn’t on your list of necessities?