The Challenge

XTND Marketplace was created for all digital artists who want to exchange ideas, upload their projects, find solutions and promote their services through forums.

It was also created for those seeking reliable digital services, to consult industry professionals and find solutions to their personal and corporate online needs.

An online listing for all industry professionals and companies was created, giving them free access to showcase their upload and showcase their portfolios. They are also free to comment and score the projects of others.

XTND marketplace has become a valuable online resource, rich in substance, but also an active online community for those interested in the digital arts.

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Web Design

The website was built with a service directory and categorisable user forums
for easy navigation. Visitors can find what they want, when they want.

They can sign up their own digital company, make purchases via the eCommerce feature
and sign up for the XTND e-newsletter.

Each of these website elements can be easily changed and updated
to keep the site relevant and updated.

DSG set up a Facebook for the XTND Marketplace online community. This sharing platform adds another online environment to the forums, allowing for extended brand reach.

Conceptual Design Samples

DSG services utilised to produce new brand excellence

Corporate Identity

Web Design

Web Development

Brand Strategy

Final Result