Stigmahost features a new web2.0 design

The Stigmahost website features a new web2.0 design for a fresh, clean, and friendly look & feel. The site needed to be approachable and distinctive in it’s branding if it was going to maintain it’s place in the competitive online marketplace. It needed to be colourful, stimulating and memorable.

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Corporate Identity


he original need identified for this client was “conversion rate through design”.To address this need, we were required to re-brand Stigmahost, and in turn rebuild it’s corporate identity from the ground up.

This involved completely redesigning the promotional concept. In doing so DSG managed to differentiate the company from it’s existing competitors and give it new, refreshed momentum.


During this re-brand, we created a dynamic mascot for Stigmahost.

When designed in reference to a company’s mission and tone, mascots are great branding elements that aid in brand recall. They can add personality and connect emotion to a brand or service.

Excellent Results

The final mascot design needed to fit seamlessly into the design of the website and coincide with services provided.

 The Stigmahost mascot was designed by hand and then converted into it’s digital form through Photoshop.

 This type of mascot design and production can create consistency of branding throughout business content. It can be used for logos, headers and as various identifiers throughout digital platforms.

Final Result

After several drafts, Mr Stigmahost is brought to life!


Web Design

In order to inject a sense of life and modernity into the website design, we created animated slow motion clouds to pan across the website background. This gives the site enough visual stimulation, whilst at the same time not drawing too much attention from the intended content and messaging.

User Friendly Design

The website layout is vibrant yet concise and professional, providing plenty of direction for visitors to explore the services provided with ease. We understand that clarity of message is absolutely paramount when designing any website, which is why we approach every project with objectivity and a fresh perspective.


And It Should Be …

Simply Beautiful

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Efficient, functional, beautiful. My website is like a living breathing part of my business thanks to your team.
Nikos Merianos CEO, Stigmahost