Silverdreams is one of Phillip Island’s best kept secrets.

An exclusive beach house nestled in the serenity of it’s own private beach, only twenty metres from the front door. But without a website to do it justice, this luxurious getaway secret was to remain just that. A secret! The owners needed a super-slick web design to generate bookings, but also to set it apart from the highly competitive landscape of local holiday rentals in the surrounding coastal area.

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Corporate Identity

DSG created an identity of trust, integrity and family orientation for Silverdreams in order to build it’s local and international reputation as a tourist destination and community icon.

Web Design

The visuals of the website needed to coincide with that of the product. Breath taking, naturally inspiring, exclusive and high class.

Post Production

The tracking of traffic and booking conversions has shown highly successful and consistent growth via the website itself and the business Facebook page since launch.

Brand Strategy

During this project, the Silverdreams website fast became a one-stop-shop for Phillip Island visitors! Through thorough consultation with the client and business coaching,
DSG has taken this business from a simple house rental facility, to an entire holidaying experience icon for the area.

The Challenge

Diamond Services Group wanted to create big value adds for visitors considering Silverdreams. Not only should the website demonstrate the magnificent facilities of the house, but also develop the house as a holiday icon that promoted the beauty of it’s surroundings. By choosing Silverdreams, you were not only getting the benefits of unique and deluxe accommodation, but also the local knowledge to really experience everything Phillip Island has to offer. The beach house would then not only become a draw card for locals and regulars to the island, but for a global marketplace of tourists seeking the tranquil coastal escape, the Australian beach adventure and exposure to some of Victoria’s intriguingly diverse wildlife and landscapes.

The Solution

The work produced for this project showed immediate return, meaning the first booking made through the new website was received within eight hours of launching. Resulting increases in traffic and conversions meant the house was completely booked out from October 2014 to January 2015. A corporate identity was created for the business, as well as a stylish logo and accompanying letterheads to create consistency of business experience. Our photography/videography legends generated images and a homepage video to showcase the house facilities and beautiful surroundings. Local attractions were scouted and used to create a free visitors guide download and extensive tourism blog available on the site today.

Silverdreams Beach House Promo

Final Result