The website, although seemingly simple, contains real depth. It is comprised of a team of digital artists, who all share the same passion: they love their work. They want their work to make a positive difference in the world and this is reflected in the pages we created for their site.

Their motto is
“share knowledge”

By this philosophy they share their experiences within this artistic online community. The ideas and passion that they experience daily from members of this community, gives them the motivation to continue and move forward.

So how did this beautiful website and creative sanctuary come to be?

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Logo Design

Designing of an appropriate & distinctive logo was one of the initial steps in developing an online presence and brand identification. The client wanted recognisable yet simple imagery in order to grab and resonate with clients immediately.


One technique to bring traffic to your page before it’s launch, is to make a teaser. This can include a slogan, tagline, image, video etc.

This is the direction that wanted to move with. This three-dimensional video was developed by our team at DSG to create a buzz and momentum before the final project was ready to kick off.

Custom Design

One of the difficulties that arises when designing a website with illustrations, is making the images work seamlessly with the design and functionality of the page. If done improperly, the imagery may over-ride or clutter the page, leaving it looking messy, congested and considerably difficult for the user to explore.

On, the layout and the images work to drive the design but also to blend in perfectly with the space. A pleasant, professional, balanced visual with uniform flow.
With the highly interactive nature of this site, navigation needed to be seamless. With this in mind, DSG created a quirky, yet straight-forward header for user login.


The slideshow design was kept clean and crisp, with arrow activation occurring when the user’s cursor hovers above.

We give clients endless options to incorporate into their slideshow so that visitors can get a really nice snapshot of the services they offer and the attitudinal DNA of the business.
We continued the imagery throughout the website headers to create a flow on brand centric effect.



The main body of content needed to showcase work and products clearly. In order to emphasise this, the designer used shadows to give rise to each element. This enables the designer to “detach” the item of focus from it’s background, drawing the visitors eye to the showcase


Vital elements to the production of a website are the header and footer, providing a beginning and a finishing frame, and giving context.
For this client we generated the appropriate digital framing and simultaneously created an attractive form of communication, which is a great way to attract visitors to contact us.

Final Result 

Simply Beautiful