The Challenge

Our work with Diamond Protection needed to develop an online corporate image that truly represents the core values of Diamond Protection. The website needed to provide in depth information covering all services and training programmes offered, as well identifying the key selling points of their services and showcasing them as industry benchmarkers. What makes them the best? Why should clients choose their services? What was going to make them stand out from the noise of the online landscape? As well as vibrant high resolution visuals, the company wanted to establish a platform on which to demonstrate their practical capabilities and expertise.

Project Brief

Diamond Protection is one of Australia’s leading providers of security, training and emergency services. Twenty years in the industry has established the company as leaders in their industry, with long standing associations with the Australian Government, Private Registered Training Organisations and educational institutions. Their commitment to standards of excellence and continual improvement meant their website needed today’s most up-to-date online functionality features combined with the exceptional brand strength that their work so consistently reflects.

The Solution

By working closely with the Diamond Protection team, we produced phenomenal results. The combination and balance of visually stimulating graphics and imagery with the Diamond Protection branded videos completes a vivid online showcase for the industry leaders. The presence of extensive working history gives substance to their twenty years of experience, further bolstered by case studies and client testimonials. The website content is structured for incredibly easy menu negotiation to direct visitors through the entire online experience. In order to demonstrate the skills of the highly trained and accredited team, DSG has produced all of the instructional YouTube videos for the company’s channel. This gives visitors a different, practical insight into the people behind the company and creates a human connection with the brand. Social integration and contact details are visible throughout the entire website, ensuring communication with the company is not only available, but encouraged. The website has increased audience engagement by leaps and bounds, increasing the reach of the company and reinforcing community engagement ten fold.

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Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Video Samples

Such unique personalisation of services.
I’m very confident that my company’s values are represented accurately through our online presence
Arie Kliger – Chairman and Co-Founder Diamond Protection Pty Ltd