The Challenge

Our work with the Boort Legends Game organisation began as a simple idea that morphed and grew into an amazing reality. With an unmatched passion to improve and support their community, both by raising money and by promoting sportsmanship and neighbourly spirit, they were determined to create the event and drive the project to a hugely successful finish.

Project Brief

With the pending Boort Legends Game, a reunion of players from previous seasons, the organisation needed to develop a buzz around the game and the cause (raising money for the local hospital). This would in turn connect to relevant audiences, resulting in team player sign ups and volunteers for the day. The client also wanted to harness this opportunity to showcase their beloved home town and encourage more traffic to the area, supporting their local tourism.
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The Solution

In order to get the ball rolling, DSG began by brainstorming the motivations behind the Boort Legends Game. In doing so they were able to carefully craft the vision and mission statements and organisation values that were to be the foundations for their image. These are all easily found on the About Page of the website. Slogans were also created to be used on various items of paraphernalia for the big day.

The Website needed to be a portal to help visitors understand the entire game concept and encourage involvement and action on their part. To do this, DSG generated a series of blogs and press releases to spread the word about the cause. These communications pieces were all connected to the event’s Facebook page that was set up create online discussion. Via social media, the teams are able to connect with players, potential players, the local community and any other stakeholders online.

The website has simple to use registration forms built into it’s framework, all of which are accessible through links appearing on various pages and comms pieces. We wanted to give as many access opportunities as possible to this action page. It’s like leading the way with digital breadcrumbs…

In addition to these features, the Boort Legends website also has an image gallery for progress images of the campaign.

Conceptual Design Samples

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Amazing service – in just 72 hours we had this new website up and running. We required a fast turnaround as we only had 12 weeks to promote this event to past and present players from Boort Victoria Australia – The Legends Game.
Thanks DSG – looking forward to the first bounce
Committee –

Boort Legends Game