When we talk to our clients about creating connections with their online audience, we emphasise the human task that is enabled by the digital platform. As the headline states, online connections, although they are by definition “virtual”, must remain irrefutably conscious and human if they are to be effective. This is what converts a share, a like or a follow into an interaction.

Connecting with your clients – To really build a reputation of good customer service, one needs to consider tone and procedural response plans to produce consistency. In order to generate a fruitful online community, the company needs to nurture online interaction in sharing environments such as forums and Facebook.

Connecting with your company – A healthy internal culture projects positivity and has substantially increased likelihood of success. Consider if creating secure online environments for open business discussion to support internal culture is appropriate for your business.

Connecting with your industry – Awareness of the industry of which your business is a part of is essential in staying at the forefront of new developments. Creating business to business connections online is currently the most native way to keep track of the game and keep pushing your company forward.