How well is your website really performing? No guess work or assumptions allowed here! To gauge your business performance and online growth, it is paramount that you track a variety of elements in order paint an accurate picture.

Here are four aspects you need to be aware of and monitoring to keep your website running like a well oiled machine…

Searches – Is your search engine optimization up to date? The browsing habits and buzz-words of online communities are always changing, so be sure that your website is getting indexed and picked up by the right people.

Traffic numbers – How much traffic are you actually generating? If you’re seeing some discerning and consistent drops, it’s time to up your online game and re-assess your strategy

Traffic referrals – This type of online mapping will assist you in identifying areas that you should invest more energy in for higher numbers.

Functional features – Is everything on your site actually functioning correctly? Regular testing of these features is a good habit to get into. Malfunctioning contact forms and shopping carts are responsible for an inconceivable number of dollars and clients lost!

By monitoring traffic and the activity of visitors on your site, you can assess changes that need to made, further strengthen tactics that are proving to be productive, and predict (and hopefully avoid) any downfalls.