Just to refresh your memory folks, the winner of our win a website competition was Shane White, Vice President of Manor Lakes Football Club.

Since this announcement, we’ve been in regular talks with Shane to start laying the foundations of the best possible website for the very successful community sporting club they have built over the past two years. We believe something contributes so positively to community spirit, with such diversity of offerings for the entire family, should absolutely be supported with a dynamic online presence!


Last night was our first workshop with Shane and Marketing wiz for the club, Christie Stone. Together we plotted out the needs of the club from this project, the contributions that each party would need to bring to the table and path that we will take to get there. We discussed the club’s motivations and their visions for the future. We feel it is so important to really get a sense of the values of the businesses that we are working with in order to deliver a website truly reflective of their practice.

The passion that Shane and Christie showed for their club and their sport was so motivating for our team at DSG, and we look forward to hitting the ground running with all the information they gave us!

Stay tuned for the next installment folks. We’ll be keeping you updated as the Manor Lakes Football Club website comes to life!

Until their website is built, check out the awesome work that MLFC is doing within their community via their Facebook page.

If you’d like to come in for a workshop to plan your own business website, contact us now. We’re always up for a new challenge!