No doubt you’ve seen this headline pop up on your screen a handful of times: “CONTENT IS KING”

If you’re a blogger, you probably see it weekly. If you’re a small business owner researching why you’re lacking visitors and conversions, you probably see it every darn day!

The online marketing honchos have been saying it for a long time now: Content is king! Content is king! 

What they’re not yelling however, is the much less catchy but unfortunately very true: Pro-activity is essential! Pro-activity is essential!

The horrible truth; after you’ve spent hours and hours producing this beautiful, original, thought provoking content; is that it needs to be promoted. There is plenty of average content out there winning the online game because they are knee deep in the proactive approach while you’re elbow deep in a groundbreaking blog post. We’re not writing off groundbreaking content, just saying that if it goes unseen, it’s like a tree falling in the woods. It makes no noise, it ruffles no feathers.

So how can we get our amazing crafted content out there for the world to see? By being pro-active!

By this, we mean exploring your target audience. Who are they? What are they talking about? Where are they doing it? Why would your brand or opinion matter to them? Interact with the conversation and make yourself a relevant, valued contributor. If it’s obvious that you’ve been listening to them, they might just start listening to you.

We also mean promotion. If you’re not going to blow your own trumpet, no one will! Be proud of your brand and be it’s ambassador. Pitch your story to relevant people and companies for collaboration projects. Explore both paid and unpaid avenues.

Do your own, wonderful content justice by putting in the grunt work and actively finding your followers. It’s all about creating the strategy behind the content. This way, you’ll build a solid foundation of relevance and visibility on which to post next.